Forecast Sea Level Kahului Hbr, Maui

Forecast of Potential for High Sea Level

In and Around Kahului Harbor, Maui

(see Description and Caution below)


Caution: The forecast above is experimental and no promise of accuracy is implied;

especially, the forecast is explicitly not accurate when either a tsunami or tropical

storm/hurricane warning is in effect. In these cases, see either tsunamis or

tropical storms/hurricanes for forecasts of oceanic and atmospheric conditions.



Red Line at Top - Indicates the sea level height that is exceeded by two percent of

the observed daily Higher High Waters (HHW description) based on

a 15-year historical record (excluding tsunamis).

Dark Blue Curve - Observed Sea Level at Kahului Hbr. for previous 3 days.

The measurement is relative to MLLW (Mean Low Low Water), a

well-defined reference level (NOAA datum description)

Cyan Curve - Forecast Sea Level at Kahului Hbr. for next 6 days. The forecast is

relative to MLLW, and includes tides plus multi-day sea level variations.

The forecast is updated every four hours.


Click here for additional information about both the plotted variables and

forecast accuracy.